Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How To Control Diabetes With Natural Ways

Diabetes is a serious disorder and is actually caused by reduced levels of insulin in body. There are many ways to control diabetes. Insulin is required by the body for energizing our cells, also for maintaining low glucose levels, regulating metabolism of glucose and helps in increasing the transport of amino acid into the cells. It also stimulates growth, cell replication and assists in DNA synthesis.To control diabetes proper insulin balance is required.

Control Diabetes With Natural Ways

1. Medications. An insulin and oral diabetes medication also helps to control diabetes. But medications you take for some other conditions may also affect glucose levels. The Corticosteroids, in particular, also may raise blood sugar levels. Some medications such as thiazides, also used to control the high blood pressure, and niacin, used for the high cholesterol, it also may increase the blood sugar. And if you need to take some certain high blood pressure medications, then your doctor will likely make some changes in your diabetes condition to control diabetes.

2. Using curry leaves also helps to control diabetes. This will be very effective in bringing sugar level in the urine and blood to the normal. It is also very beneficial for the hereditary diabetic patients.

3. Taking Controlled diet: Some Food raises the blood sugar levels. Well-balanced diets required for people with diabetes and have the same nutritional needs as anyone else. This helps to control diabetes.

4. In controlling diabetes mango leaves are very useful. Dip mango leaves in water. Take this solution empty stomach. Dry mango tree leaves and make its powder in a grinder. In a glass of water mix one tablespoon of this dry powder of mango leaves and drink it everyday.

5. By using the Bitter Gourd you can control diabetes. This proven home remedy has shown to be the most important to control diabetes. The reason why is bitter gourd has shown to contain a hypoglycemic or insulin-like principle, which has been found to be very beneficial in lower blood and urine sugar levels.

6. Diabetes treatment can be achieved by using the Parslane. The seeds of the parslane have shown to be very useful to control diabetes. Take one teaspoon of the seeds every day with a cup of water for few months. This will help to increase body’s capacity to make the insulin. Thus help to control diabetes.

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