Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Vitiligo Treatment - Vitiligo Information

It is a common acquired skin disease characterized by severe circumscribed, discolored spots.

This is a pigmentation disorder in which melanocytes are destroyed.

What is affected by the Leucoderma?

It affects equally the male and female population of the planet, regardless of skin phototype or race and can people of all ages. The Leucoderma has been shown to be common in people with other autoimmune diseases such as thyroid dysfunction, diabetes mellitus, alopecia areata, megaloblastic anemia, etc.

Autoimmune disorders which is and vitiligo, which has not clarified whether it is disease or syndrome would be better to characterize eternalness i.e. when the body’s immune system reacts against its own organs and tissues, and an antibody does not recognize as his own, however, these elements produced. This is caused by a lack of functional melanocytes, skin discoloration as a result of disruption of melanin transfer.

The incidence varies between 0.1 % - 2 % in most populations of the land, except areas with genetic and environmental influences humidity, temperature, sunlight where the proportion is as high. In 35-40 % of patients find that there is a family first and second grade have vitiligo. The genetic data do not speak for multi-factorial inheritance - gene not obey, and due to an abnormality that alters the composition and distribution of melanin.

The exact cause of vitiligo, however, remains unclear.

What are the symptoms of Leucoderma? 

The discolored spots located in the body and are of various sizes are often in places exposed to sunlight, such as - face - mouth - hands - legs - arms. Other sites are hallowed elbows - knees - breasts - the sternum and the skin areas surrounding the cavities, such as around the eyes, mouth, navel, genitals, and anus. Quite often there are discoloration eyebrows, eyelashes and generally all body parts.

The skin with vitiligo do not differ in anything from sound to the look and feel only in the area of damage, and in some cases presented pruritus and hyperhidrosis. The Leucodermas did not belong to infectious or contagious disease and is not spread by physical contact from the patient to stay healthy.

Out whose responsible factors affecting the expansion of the spots?

Unfortunately not find a way to predict the extension of the spots of vitiligo. Usually the disorder is progressive and over time spread to other parts of the body. In smaller proportions, the spots are stable for decades. Finally some people are spread so rapidly to cause panic and other slow or even for several years.

The extension may assist a number of factors reflecting the releasing factors of vitiligo, such as:

1. Skin Injuries: Bruises or simple injuries or significant damage from accidents, chemical burns, sunburns.
2. Intense stress: stressful everyday events - Deaths - disappointments - losses.
3. Hormonal disorders such as pregnancy, menopause, puberty.

Form of a Leucoderma

There are many divisions. The winners are:

Focal = Discoloration on one or a few areas.
The partial lesions occur unilaterally usually follow the path of dermatomes.
Generalized = Discoloration on different parts of the body and occupies a large portion of this area.

What determines skin color?

Skin color is determined by the absorption of radiation of sunlight on skin color:

a) Melanin (skin)

b) Hemoglobin (blood vessels)

c) Bacterium (subcutaneous tissue)

The vitiligo is a consequence of the absence of melanin.

Melanin is the substance that gives color to skin, hair and eyes and is produced by melanocytes in the epidermis.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Boost Immune System Naturally

Our immune system consists of glands, tissues, leukocytes, and products of cells that protect the body against pathogens and other foreign matter. Our immune system is affected by many factors such as weather, lifestyle, exercise, nutrition, stress and anxiety.

The strength of immune system determines our ability to withstand daily attacks by pathogens or disease-carrying pests. Here are some ways to increase immune system:

Get enough physical activity: Recent studies have shown a link between moderate exercise and a strong immune system. Moderate physical exercise increases the production of macrophages, the cells that attack bacteria and viruses. It is believed that regular, consistent exercise can lead to a significant increase in immune system health extends over a relatively long time.

Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day: Our body loose three liters of water every day from sweat, urine and breath. Less fluid in the body suppresses the effective functioning of blood and lymphatic system leading to mental fatigue and loss of energy. Water is also essential for many chemical reactions in the body. It helps in digestion, assimilation, metabolism and flushing of toxins from fat cells. Water is also essential to carry nutrients such as oxygen, vitamins and minerals for the body. Lack of fluid in the body affects all these responses and, consequently, the immune system. Minimum 6 to 8 glasses of water a day is recommended to keep plenty of fluids in the body.

Lessen your stress: Many studies have shown that stress prevents the immune system. Positive emotions and stress-free life greatly enhance your immune system. Identify stressors in your life and try to minimize or eliminate altogether. You can practice yoga or breathing exercises to reduce the level of stress in your life.

Enrich your diet with antioxidant vitamins and minerals: There is a strong relationship between diet, nutrition and immunity. You can enrich your diet with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Antioxidants, vitamins and minerals enhance the normal immune system. Includes fresh fruits and leafy vegetables in your diet. Fresh fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals, and green leafy vegetables such as broccoli are rich in antioxidants.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Trick To Remove Wrinkles

The recipe is to take a green apple, washed, cut into pieces and put into the blender with everything and shell. Adds a tablespoon of milk and blend, after the mash applied it on the face, forehead and neck making sure it goes into wrinkles. Dried and then washed with warm water.

The process is repeated three times a week. The results are beginning to see in two weeks. Your skin will look younger, with better tone and wrinkles begin to fade.

Avocado: The avocado nourishes your skin with Vitamin E to provide moisture and elasticity. Mash the pulp of an avocado and apply it as a mask on face. Leave on for 10 minutes and wash.

Papaya mask: Mix two tablespoons of papaya pulp with one tablespoon of dry oatmeal. Apply and leave on for 10 minutes. Wash gently rubbing with a cloth. It also helps greatly eating papaya fruit as it slows the aging process and delay the appearance of wrinkles.

Egg White Mask: Beat egg white until stiff and apply for half an hour. Wash with warm water.

Potato and chamomile mask: Mix grated potatoes with a chamomile tea. Apply the paste on the face for 15 minutes and then wash with warm water.

Avocado Mask: Mash half an avocado pulp. Add in a tablespoon of juice of lemon and stir well. Add one egg white until stiff and mix to a paste. Apply and let stand for 20 minutes. Wash with warm water and cold.

Cauliflower Mask: Put a boil cauliflower until tender. Puree cauliflower and apply directly to the face.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fat And Cholesterol Are Good For You?

To have a healthy body is important in the diet containing fat and cholesterol, because they fulfill important functions in the body. However, when both are present in excess health-threatening.

Nutritionists recommend a diet containing 10 and 15% protein, 55% carbohydrate and 35% fat. The latter are responsible for absorbing some vitamins, as well as store and deliver the energy the body needs, among other functions.

However, the same specialists consider two types of fats: saturated calls, found in red meat and most dairy products, and unsaturated fats, found in vegetable oils, avocado, chicken, fish and nuts, among other foods.

The big difference between the two is that the former favors the accumulation of bad cholesterol (LDL by its acronym in English) on the walls of the arteries, thereby limiting the free flow of blood may be that the origin of heart disease such as heart. In contrast, unsaturated fats are another type of cholesterol, known as "good" (HDL), which helps to eliminate that which is deposited in the arteries. So that excessive consumption of saturated fat is one factor that triggers the so-called hypercholesterolemia, i.e., the excess cholesterol in the blood.

Man accumulates fat in the back of the neck, shoulders, back, face, upper trunk and abdomen and, over time, across the belly. In turn, the woman is capable of storing in belly, hips, thighs and breasts, and with the passage of time on his chin, neck and buttocks. Finally, children are located in pubis, hips, arms, cheeks and backs of hands and feet.

What is cholesterol?

This compound is made by fatty liver, and its main function is to protect the membranes of cells throughout the body. To reach them as a means of transport used veins and arteries, which moves in the form of packages called lipoproteins. The risk of increasing the amount of cholesterol in the blood begins when we eat foods that contain excessively, especially beef, pork, eggs and some dairy products.

However, when the amount of cholesterol is high tends to stick to the walls of the arteries become narrow, so blood flow is restricted and causes fewer arrive in organs like the brain. If irrigation is insufficient in the heart, promotes pain, angina pectoris and heart attack in extreme cases.

Scientific studies indicate that one in every 10 have hypercholesterolemia. This condition does not produce noticeable symptoms, and in most cases those living with it are unaware of its presence when it has generated a serious problem.

So one of the best ways to care for our health is through food. Make sure it is balanced in minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates, and you'll be fat and cholesterol.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Stress And Anxiety Facts

Stress and anxiety affect the balance of our body, especially in what touches the circulatory and immune systems and make us prone to disease and stroke. Fortunately, proper diet and other health measures reduce its impact.

There are several resources to cope with stressful situations, and it is suitable to be put in place as soon as possible. We talked about taking short breaks (from "high" in the working day mini vacation to allow a change in routine), practice breathing exercises, relaxation or meditation, getting adequate sleep, talk with family and friends, to carry out recreational activities and eat healthy diet.

Nutritional Highlights

Delve into this point to understand why our food can help combat the devastating consequences of a stressful routine.

Note that many undesirable effects of stress, such as confusion, fatigue, insomnia and lack of concentration, due to the loss of essential nutrients for the brain and nervous system. Thus, it is essential to consume to benefit our mental performance and mood.

Basic rules in the diet

Combating stress through nutrition is to eat healthy and balanced diet, although this is important to remember some basics:

* Follow the schedules of meals and try to keep them stable every day. This will prevent sharp declines in the level of nutrients.

* Start the day with a good breakfast. The lack of carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals midmorning causes nervousness and irritability.

* The quality of sleep is altered because abundant dining and drinking plenty of fluids before bedtime. It is recommended not to take food in the 2 to 3 hours before sleep.

* Avoid "diets" to lose weight because not only reduce the intake of carbohydrates but also vitamins and minerals.

A proper diet to counteract the effects of stress should include fruits and vegetables in abundance (requires at least 5 servings a day) as the main source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are available.

Thus, it is highly desirable to include a salad a day and at least one serving of fruit rich in vitamin C (one medium piece or the equivalent of a cup of orange, mandarin, guava and kiwi), without forgetting the importance of eating nuts ( almonds, pecans, peanuts) to provide essential fatty acids the body.

Is it advisable to take multivitamins?

As we have seen, stress involves a great physical and mental, so that the use of supplements of vitamins and minerals is favorable, although always under the supervision or advice of a doctor. This is because some brands include ginseng and extract rich in caffeine, which are exciting the nervous system and may worsen the situation.

For the same reason and should be avoided "energy drinks" even those who claim to include factors contributing to the nervous system, including B vitamins, since many contain stimulants that are highly detrimental in people with ongoing stress.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Reduce Stress Problem

We need a certain amount of stress to deal with dangerous situations and adapt to changes. However, that state may become a mortal enemy when it persists and impairs health, especially in people with chronic diseases.

In general, reaction of the body is all inherited to adapt to environmental demands. How many times have we had extraordinary strength, jumped great obstacles or maneuvering amazing, sure a lot. In these cases it is a manifestation of stress positively because it allowed us to overcome any adverse event.

Everyone responds differently to stimuli, but what makes the difference is how we measure. To do this we must ask 'How risky is what I'm facing?' And 'How I can fix it?' Negative stress or distress occurs when we respond to a situation that is delicate and do not have the tools to resolve, resulting in anxiety, distress, pain and insomnia.

To illness

If we transfer this to the reality of people with diabetes (high blood sugar levels) and hypertension (high blood pressure), we see that many believe the disease they suffer is dangerous. And it will add difficulties to change their eating habits, exercise, self-assessment testing, and taking medication and attend frequent medical consultation.

Patients experience these changes in different ways. Significant percentage are extremely concerned, very strict perceive changes in their lifestyle and are considered low ability to handle the situation. In addition, they often feel anxious about work, family finances and their children.

Another sector believes that his condition is not dangerous and is assessed as unimportant, not get stressed, but do not follow your treatment properly and it is risky to your health. And a third group consists of individuals who are in the middle, who perceive that their condition is important and begin to acquire the tools to keep it under control, the stress is minimal and helps them cope with the disease.

What else is affected?

Stress not only causes havoc at the physiological level, when high and negative (distress) has the following effects:

Behavior. There is kind of blockade and solve difficult problems and to comply with daily activities.

Affective. Anxiety prevails, although it may occur fear of disease and / or angry with life.

Somatic. You experience pain in different parts of the body and often repeated episodes of flu or other infections.

Interpersonal. With no support from their loved ones, the patient is isolated and has continuing problems within families.

Cognitive. Dominate catastrophic thoughts about the disease and what his life is unfortunate.

Give back

Without doubt, the management and stress management, coupled with healthy eating and exercise, can help lower blood glucose levels and blood pressure. The importance of changes in lifestyle and in this sense, the work of doctors and teachers is crucial because it allows the patient to acquire the tools to tackle the problem.

It is very important that the family also changed their activities and habits, thus, decrease risk factors and the patient will be in better condition.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tips To Look Young And Beautiful


The skin is our calling card to the world, so we must seek care, even for a few minutes a day. Here are some tips to achieve this goal and surprised at the results in the mirror.

Tip 1. For starters, talk about the makeup, and if you want you can keep better during the day, before applying directly through the skin pass a piece of ice for several minutes. His appearance will be more fresh and radiant as well as the makeup will be retained for longer.

Tip 2. When the day is over and it's time to cleanse your skin, do not forget that non-Cleansing beauty cream, so you must rinse the skin after application. If you finished the cleansing, soak a cotton ball with whole milk, and wipe his face.

Tip 3. If you want to avoid dryness of skin, discoloration, excessive fat and even pimples, you can do with simple product made by relaxing yourself. Boil half a cup of water and two teaspoons of chamomile, let cool and soak a cotton ball that passes through the face and left to stand for several minutes in her eyes. Save the leftover in a jar that you can carry. Thus, throughout the day, you can repeat the operation as many times as you like.

Tip 4. Too much sun? To soothe the burning caused by sunburn, gently rub the affected area with cucumber slices or juice it. They are also effective raw potato slices or compresses of vinegar.

Tip 5. We all want a perfect smile. You can start whitening your teeth with a pinch of salt mixed with half teaspoon of baking soda, which will use as toothpaste. In addition to strengthening the gums, your teeth will look very white.

Tip 6. If you have a little lemon juice or has been squeezed, rub it against your nails for several minutes. Repeat the action every day, and after a couple of weeks look like lemon is excellent for bleaching and strengthen nails.

Tip 7. You've probably heard of the clay masks for the skin. For properties, this material is excellent for absorbing toxins. What you may not know is that it gives great results in areas where cellulite is present. The procedure is simple: mix a little clay in water, dip it in the area who wants to experiment and let dry. Finally, rinse the area very well and soon assumed the results.

Done! Follow these steps to record and soon discover that there are notable differences in the state of your skin. However, if you notice little difference, you may need to resort to a cosmetologist or dermatologist, they may require in-depth treatment.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Sexuality is the vital energy of the strongest human being; however, this source of pleasure can be sabotaged by erectile dysfunction, a condition that also impacts on women because, in many cases, you are responsible for it.

For it is problem in two and he perceived as individual case that threatens his manhood. The fact is that erectile dysfunction taking both by surprise, can destroy your relationship, generating a climate of violence, cause depression and cause of divorce.

Failure of erection arouses the fear of failure in an upcoming sexual approach, as well as frustration, shame, anger and guilt. No wonder that in this flood of feelings, men or deleted spaced sexual encounters, thus affecting their partners.

In this context, note that many women feel guilty because they believe they are no longer able to stimulate or excite their mates, they feel rejected, depressed, and afraid to infidelity and in disappointment. Also, they often blame them openly, either by settlement or little extra kilos, but deep experience great fear to confront the problem as their own, are full of myths and misinformation about eroticism and the same dysfunction.

Women tend to think that it is no longer attractive or that he is interested in another person and that no longer responds to it. All these thoughts are very destructive because they generate frustration, discomfort and low self-esteem. The worst part is that he does not express his feelings to her, which turns into a spiral of resentment can end the relationship.

Out faults

Women must know that the erection is a response that depends on the will of men or of physical attractiveness; it is scientifically proven that men can feel much sexual desire and arousal, but not present erectile response. This can have multiple causes, which include diabetes mellitus (high blood sugar), hypertension (high blood pressure), prostate disease, spinal cord injuries, drug use, excessive smoking, low levels of testosterone and some medicines.

To this we add the emotional reasons, same as they relate to anxiety, fear of performance, memory of having failed once and overuse. Erectile dysfunction can occur even in people aged 20 years, cases in which the origin is psychological. Especially upset occurs in men with rapid ejaculation or having to feel very nervous to be with his family in a place where they could be caught in the middle of intercourse.

Loss of manhood?

Our society is full of myths, of old, they reinforce the idea that manhood and virility focus on sexual power and domination of man over his lovemaking ability. Also, around this there are inherited values they place the power of one man's sexual organ and the number of times you use it.

A man with erectile dysfunction is facing these false concepts and social beliefs, which alter his personal life and relationship with others. For the man is one of the most devastating because we live in a society where, in my opinion, overstates the erection. Why say this?, If we are objective, vaginal penetration is probably the most inappropriate for a woman there to reach orgasm. There are those who enjoy it much, but again not the best way to achieve the maximum pleasure.

Also contributing significantly, the issue of gender. Consider that the man is considered strong, provider, leader and protector, then, if it supports all these capabilities in their erections, to have felt threatened dysfunction. However, not only affects their relationships with partners, but also with family, friends, coworkers and neighbors.

What communication?

Another damaging factor is the lack of sexual communication. When a woman raises the problem to your partner, he often offended and reacts violently and aggressively. In other cases, are less compromising justified reasons, such as fatigue, work, stress or some other health problems.

Erotic communication link is a pillar of love, but doing so requires great courage, especially when we grew up in an atmosphere of silence and taboo. Intimate censorship is devastating, you need security and trust environment where we can express what we like and what we dislike without fear of being criticized or rejected.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Menstrual Period And Menstrual Cycle

What to do when the menstrual cycle coincide vacations honeymoon or final exams so long trip planned? There is a method without causing problems, allows advance the rule and avoid the discomfort to interfere with the time of joy Meet them!

Although it is known that 90% of women have ever had pain or cramps due to menstruation (called dysmenorrhea) the trouble or bad times may be greater as it is envisaged that the rule can occur on dates that will interfere with events of importance that require the best physical condition of the female. The fact may not be as catastrophic as the cycle can be modified so that the dates are not spliced, it discussed below.

How do I change it?

The most effective method to advance the period is continuously ingesting oral contraceptives, in other words, starting between the 8th and 10th day of the cycle the woman takes two pills every 12 hours for five consecutive days. Between the 2nd and 3rd day after taking the last pill will be presented normal bleeding.

What has been done is to advance (never be delayed) the beginning of the next cycle about 10 days, which has no impact on the overall health of women. However, it is a process that alters the rules of nature should not be used to him as usual, but sporadically and under the supervision a gynecologist.

The procedure owes its success to progesterone of oral contraceptive, a hormone that naturally generates the female body and that prepares the lining of the uterus for implantation fertilized egg, but found in large quantities (which is the objective of taking multiple pills) does inhibit scaling and removal of endometrial tissue, i.e., the bleeding stopped Over the days when pills are administered and resumes 2 or 3 days after the decline in hormone levels blood, initiating a new cycle.

Are there side effects?

Although mentioned earlier that advance the rule want to avoid some inconvenience, should be made clear that they do not disappear entirely, especially in those who consume pills for the first time. Thus, we can mention that there will be no bleeding, but it is possible that during the days when pills are taken may experience dizziness, vomiting, breast tenderness, retention fluid, headache, muscle weakness, abdominal cramps, fatigue, nervousness or stomach inflammation.

It is clear that each body reacts differently to the presence of excessive hormones, and some will present one or more of the above symptoms, or none. However, they can be implement some tips that will help reduce symptoms to reduce consumption of salt, sugar, coffee and alcohol to relieve bloating, nervousness, breast tenderness and retention liquids; authorities should restrict food intake containing fat, exercise and administer an analgesic light that addresses the pain or cramps to prevent and alleviate discomfort.

Well, now there is more than identifying the start date the next menstrual period to know what day it starts administration of oral contraceptives, but remember, see always at your gynecologist before taking the pills.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Bad Breath Causes And Bad Breath Treatment

Approximately 80% of cases of bad breath are attributed to the presence of bacteria that produce sulfur gases, because it has been found in folds of language and space between teeth and gums nest thousands of bacteria called anaerobic (not requiring oxygen to live) which break down proteins and carbohydrates in food, blood, mucus and dead cells inside the cheeks producing smelly gases.

This usually occurs by not following proper and consistent oral hygiene (three times a day or after some food), as this allows bacteria feed on food scraps and break down, add to this habit smoking, bad breath and caused hurt to the gums. These factors promote the development of certain illnesses, which have in common halitosis or bad breath, among them are:

Caries. Infectious process gradually destroys teeth.

Calculation. It causes inflammation of the gums and tooth loss.

Decreased saliva. There are people who tend to suffer from dry mouth due to administration of certain medications (e.g. antihistamines), drink a little water, breathing through the mouth, snoring, stress and suffering from an advanced age.

Gingivitis. Infection of the tissue that supports the teeth which is manifested by chronic inflammation, irritation and bleeding.

Periodontal disease. It extends to the pulp of teeth, causing bleeding gums, redness and pain, feeling that they become flaccid, pus drainage and tooth loss.

Notably, many times bad breath is caused by the consumption of certain foods and liquids, for example, garlic, onion, fish, milk, egg, seasonings, cabbage, broccoli, coffee and alcohol, as these foods contain substances fragrant travel the bloodstream and out through the mouth end.

At the same time, strict diets or so-called "hunger" also cause halitosis due to lead to a state known as ketosis, which is characterized by inducing the production of acid in the blood because the body does not get adequate supply of carbohydrate and has to resort to stored body fat for energy.

Other causes of halitosis include certain diseases such as diabetes, liver dysfunction, lung diseases and respiratory (sinusitis, swollen tonsils, pneumonia, or deviated septum), kidney disorders, gastritis, colitis, ulcers, regurgitation or reflux food from the stomach into the esophagus. In addition, there are chronic cases arising from local disturbances, the most common case is when someone has the tonsils with crypts, i.e., small holes in which are accumulated debris that often come into a state of decomposition.

What to do?

To realize whether you have halitosis is advisable to ask people you trust, this is because the olfactory nerve sensory fibers (located at the top of the nose) get used to the smells, making it almost impossible to perceive the aromas own.

It is also necessary to ensure the consumption of natural products with high content of chlorophyll, such as parsley, spinach and cilantro, and if possible avoid garlic, onion and seasonings. Also, to stimulate production of saliva may be resorted to chewing sugarless gum, do five smaller meals and drink 2 to 3 liters of water.

Finally, keep in mind that as soon as they detect bad breath is necessary to go to the dentist, as it will provide several measures to solve the problem if the cause is a disease, refer the patient to another specialist who can deal with, but always evaluating oral problems and instructed on proper oral hygiene.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hepatitis Causes And Hepatitis Treatment

Is inflammation of the liver and results in this important organ, the largest of the abdominal cavity malfunction. Its duration may be brief (acute), almost always without squeal, or more than six months (chronic), causing serious problems. It is caused by drug use, impaired immune system (immune), alcohol consumption, substance abuse and infection caused by parasites or microorganisms, being more frequent viral type.


Overall there are four triggers of this disease:

Infection by viruses, bacteria or parasites, it is contracted, roughly, by consumption of contaminated food and water, promiscuous sexual behavior, by sharing needles, razor and toothbrush, and tattoos or piercings done in unhygienic places.

Poisoning from an overdose of drugs, alcohol, and consumption of poisonous plants or pollution.

Autoimmunity, ie, when the defense system cells attack the liver tissues.

Obesity and fat accumulation in the liver.


In most cases, this condition does not make any statement and so many like a flu-like, it only causes fatigue, headache, fever and chills. However, you can also become apparent through the following signs:

Jaundice, or yellowing eyes and skin due to inflammation of the liver that prevents the proper disposal of bilirubin, a substance produced when waste breaks down hemoglobin (iron-containing protein that gives blood its red color).

Weakness, fatigue, slow movements without making physical exertion.

General discomfort, uneasiness, discomfort and inability to concentrate.

Joint pain.

Dark urine (dark urine) and stool or yellow color.

Lack of appetite, because the liver can not produce substances necessary for digestion and assimilation of food.

Vomiting, nausea and dizziness.

Elevation of body temperature (fever).

Presence of generalized itching and red bumps (hives) all over the body.

In those who are regular smokers, snuff consumption may generate disgust.

Accumulation of fluid in abdomen (ascites), primarily when the cause is the immoderate consumption of alcohol.


Avoid eating street food or prepared under dubious hygiene.

Consume boiled water and disinfected.

Wash hands before preparing food and after using the toilet.

Teaching children basic hygiene measures.

If a person wants to get a tattoo or piercing, you should go to places where hygienic and sterile equipment is used.

Do not share instruments that are in direct contact with blood, as a toothbrush or razor.

Do not share needles.

Though not 100% reliable, condom use (condom) provides some protection against HBV.

There are vaccines against hepatitis A and B (the latter also protects against HEV) with a high degree of effectiveness, so its application is highly recommended.

Hepatitis is preventable drug when it prevents drug overdose. Also, when a person who knows that you have a problem in the liver is another malaise, fever, headache or infection, you should consult your doctor to recommend the use of safe drugs for their condition, and not auto re-cease.

The liver from alcohol poisoning is prevented by moderate consumption of beverages with it.

It is very important that people with obesity and weight gain propensity to be aware that they should moderate their eating habits and exercising regularly.

It is possible to prevent autoimmune hepatitis, but early detection improves treatment.

Early diagnosis of chronic hepatitis allows for an effective therapy to halt the extent possible disease progression to fibrosis, cirrhosis or cancer.

Consult your doctor !

Friday, June 17, 2011

Premenstrual Syndrome Treatment

Premenstrual syndrome is controversial, because for years it has been associated with instability in the female character, however, several theories state that the hormonal changes of menstrual cycle influence on brain chemistry.

Most women experience unpleasant or uncomfortable symptoms 1 or 2 weeks before menstruation begins, for some may be insignificant and of short duration, but some people live this time as terrible ordeal because they are usually severe discomfort and sometimes disabling.

It is important to note that the so called premenstrual tension syndrome can manifest more of the following signs:

Breast tenderness (feeling of stiffness and swelling in breasts).
Abdominal pain and swelling.
Increased or decreased appetite.
Fluid retention.
Need to eat sweets.
Constipation or diarrhea.
Trouble sleeping or excessive sleeping.
Feeling sad.
Difficulty concentrating.

These sets of symptoms are premenstrual syndrome, but not all, occur naturally, or do so with the same intensity, although breast tenderness, abdominal swelling and irritability are the ones who suffer most women.

Models of explanation

Menstruation is the part of women's menstrual cycle in which the shedding of the endometrial (uterine lining) tissue that is prepared each month to feed the new baby (if fertilized) by increasing levels of estrogen and progesterone, since these hormones help to thicken its walls. If no fertilization, the endometrial is expelled together with blood and mucus from vagina and cervix (lower, narrow part of the uterus located in the bladder and rectum).

Now, consider that there are several hypotheses that attempt to explain PMS, which covered the body abnormal response to hormonal changes, allergy to progesterone and calcium and magnesium deficiency in the diet.

However, the most accepted theory is related to fluctuations in estrogen and progesterone levels, as several studies have found that these hormones cause changes in neurotransmitters (brain chemicals that allow communication between nerve cells) serotonin and tryptophan, which are responsible for important functions such as mood, appetite, sleep, memory, learning, temperature, performance and muscle contractions.

What can be done?

First, check that the above symptoms are actually caused by premenstrual syndrome, for which it is necessary to note the dates displayed for three months if they occur 7 or 14 days before the blood and is decreasing when it comes, no doubt to have the disorder.

Importantly, no single treatment to relieve premenstrual syndrome that is effective for all women, so it is appropriate to implement the following recommendations:

Exercise. Improves blood circulation, providing feelings of wellbeing and energy, and helps alleviate the symptoms.

Stress management. Because it is somewhat difficult to avoid all stressful situations, it is recommended to implement a relaxation technique (eg, breathing exercises or yoga) to allow release of tension.

Diet. We suggest reducing the maximum intake of salt, coffee, fat and refined sugar to facilitate the removal of urine and reduce inflammation.

Leisure. When the mood is changing is beneficial to practice some calming activity like reading, listening to music or take a walk.

Drugs. There are some indicators to control the discomfort of premenstrual syndrome that can be supplemented with analgesics (to relieve headaches, back and abdomen), a mild laxative (control constipation), ant diarrheal (reduce liquid stool output) and food supplements (for enhance the feeling of fatigue).

As you can see, you can try various measures to prevent and control the terrible discomfort of PMS, so it is in their power to prevent the symptoms of this disorder overshadow his life.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Feminine Hygiene Cleaning

The vagina is a function to cleans itself, for a certain amount of daily flow releases yellowish white or transparent to clean the walls of this structure. The level of acidity of the fluid balance remains in the vaginal flora and fight harmful bacteria, which helps prevent infection.

However, because the vagina is in frequent contact with discharge, urine, menses and sweat, and being a poorly ventilated area, the moisture generated by these secretions does not evaporate completely and makes it susceptible to attack by microorganisms.

For these reasons it is essential that the genital area is kept perfectly clean, which is required for delicate washing with soap and water, as by hygiene can prevent the odor and the appearance of infections. Thus, it is advisable to wash the vulva on the outside, having fun finger in the folds of the labia, and around the clitoris, and here also accumulate waste.

However, many times not enough to clean the bathroom provided because there are external factors that impair health, among which are:

Use tight-fitting underwear and made from synthetic materials.

Use of scented soap to wash the genital area, as this type of product can cause irritation and allergy.

Application of sprays and contraceptive jellies, because they can cause discomfort and upset the vaginal flora.

The practice of oral sex without oral hygiene contaminates and damages the genital area.

Menstrual period, and not change towels or tampons within 4 to 6 hours can cause odor.

Hormonal changes during puberty, pregnancy and menopause.

Therefore, it should include personal hygiene, wash well with soap and water, and the following care:

Wear cotton underwear as nylon and other synthetic fibers help to retain moisture and bacterial culture.

Do not wear tight clothing or pantyhose to prevent chafing or moisture buildup, in general, most clothing prevents proper ventilation, so the hygiene must be continuous, but this habit becomes obsession.

Use towels and tampons during periods not too long, it is recommended to change every 4 to 6 hours.

Before having sexual contact is recommended to wash your hands well to prevent bacteria infested genitals during foreplay, it is also essential to clean the mouth before oral sex.

It is advisable to make frequent douching because they tend to remove natural substances and microorganisms that protect the vagina; it is advisable to use them as directed by the gynecologist.

Do not use sponge or synthetic gloves to clean the genital area, because many of them accumulate germs.

Avoid or mitigate the application of intimate deodorants because they can cause irritation, inflammation or allergic reaction, also deny perceive by smell disorders that may require specific medical treatment.

Make anal hygiene back to avoid contaminating the vaginal area with bacteria from feces.

Great allies

Menstruation is an important factor when talking about personal hygiene, for although the blood flowing to the outside is clean, it is necessary to change several times a day in the towel or tampon, which must be supported in the bathroom cleaning morning and night wash.

As you can see, now women can live the most of your femininity through the pharmaceutical industry is increasingly offering more options and products that allow them to stay clean, feel free and comfortable.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Benefits Of Acupuncture

Acupuncture treats the human body as a whole in which there are several functional systems in many cases are associated with a physical organ. However, this does not necessarily mean that an identification of each of these systems and the body whose name is borne. In fact, some of these functional systems, like the "triple heater", have no body with which to identify. Diseases are seen as caused by a loss of balance or equilibrium between the functional systems. For this reason, to get healthy try to modify the activity of one or more of these systems through the insertion of needles, the application of heat or pressure in a number of sensitive body parts. These are the acupuncture points.

According to the traditional medicine of China's loss of balance between body systems due to a disruption in the normal flow of vital energy. This vital energy travels through a series of interconnected channels which are known as meridians. Acupuncture points, of which more than 360, are located on these meridians and their stimulation is intended to restore the normal flow of energy through them. There are twelve main meridians and eight more. Ten of the main meridians are named after organs of the body, these are: lung, heart, large intestine, small intestine, stomach, gallbladder, bladder, spleen, liver and kidney.

The other two relate to body functions and are the triple heater and pericardium or heart protector. Of the eight extra meridians, only two have acupuncture points themselves, others are stimulated indirectly by using a technique to stimulate acupuncture points located on meridians each of which corresponds to one of the extra meridians.

In the traditional medicine of China, the acupuncturist decides which points based on stimulating a series of questions to the patient and using diagnostic tools, among which included the observation of the radial pulse for both right and left which uses three levels of pressure. Another diagnostic tool is the analysis of the language which takes into account the coating color and the presence or absence of teeth marks around the edge.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Orange Peel Appearance Cellulite

Cellulite is a problem specifically female and located in adipose tissue. This storage phenomenon grows adiposities can increase up to 27 times its size. These local overload causes obstruction of blood vessels, water retention and the formation of nodules that give the skin an orange peel appearance, especially at the level of thighs, hips and buttocks.

Cellulites can affect all women, both the thin and those which are not.

Women expect a slimming product, above all, a visible effectiveness of the nodules and smoothing, and a skin firmer and better hydrated.


Are there different types of orange peel?

A distinction should be orange peel and installed recent:

The recent orange peel is not always associated with a weight problem and is easy to remove.
The orange peel and installed, the collagen fibers compress the vessels, hence the water retention and edema formation. They can even compress the nerve endings, causing pain to grip.

Does the orange peel is actually tied to a weight problem?

No. It is not necessarily related to a weight problem. Over 90% of women have orange skin. Indeed, the female hormones are responsible. It is a problem that affects all women, even the thinnest. For the vast majority of women, fats tend to be stored locally to be removed. The orange peel is caused by an imbalance between production and elimination of fats.

Is it important to have a habit of life?

To act on the orange peel is very important, of course, food control, avoiding excessive intake of fat, salt and sugar easily absorbed and eating foods high in fiber (fruits and vegetables).

You should practice a smooth and aerobic exercise (cycling, swimming, walking ...).
Do not use tight clothes or high heels.
Avoid stress and insomnia.

What are the stages in the life of a woman who favor more training?

These are the moments in which women's hormonal activity is subject to variations:

At puberty due to estrogen, fat tissue develops in some areas typically female (hips, buttocks, abdomen, and thighs).

During pregnancy, the amount of estrogen increases, and can form the orange peel.
At menopause, it happens that some women, who never had orange peel before, begin to have.

Do men orange peel?

It is very rare. Indeed the orange peel is related to female hormones. However, men with orange peel their location is usually in the abdomen and upper parts of the body (android distribution).

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Facial Exercises Treatment

As a complement to treatment of face cleansing, toning and hydration is important to exercise the facial muscles to prevent the possible appearance of wrinkles and flaccidness. Facial exercises suitable for this can be done in minutes, anywhere. Here are some of them:

1. While counting to six, eyes open wide, staring intently.

2. They put their lips together, and gesticulating as if about to whistle.

3. Shrinks the nose as if you were sneezing, and expand well cheeks out.

4. Opens his mouth as if about to cry. Closes and rises on one side, forming a contemptuous smile.

5. With fists, slowly ironed forehead, rubbing from the middle up towards the temples.

6. It rubs his chin with the fingertips, from the center to the chin.

Tips for Lips Care

The lips are delicate and sensitive part of our body, which most often do not pay enough attention.

Healthy and attractive lips should be smooth and soft.

To achieve this, nothing better than Vitamin C In combination with Vitamin E.

The skin of the lips also suffers the weather-cold, wind, rain, heat-, reason must be hydrated regularly.

Equally important is to forget the bad habit of stretching the skins dry lips, and that of continuously moistened with the tongue, as it only will get cracked.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Menopause And Skin Problems Symptoms

During menopause, women experience a number of changes in elasticity and hydration of the skin that result in the loss of elasticity and dehydration of the dermis. This is because along with the reduction of estrogen own menopause, women lose collagen type 4, in charge of the thickness of the skin. Hence, it is necessary to strengthen preventive measures to avoid sun damage at this time.

"In summer, exposures to the sun produce more dry skin, especially if not used sunscreen. To try to avoid it, we must not sunbathe during the most intense hours of irradiation (between 12 and 16 hours) using high protection creams and eating large amounts of water.

However, to delay and diminish the intensity of the effects of menopause in the dermis, it is necessary for skin care are taken earlier in life, "so that when the lack of estrogen is present, the skin have a good quality and hydration.”

Health and Wellness in Menopause

Within organic or systemic changes caused by menopause, are in addition to atrophic changes of the genital tract and skin, joint pain, increased frequency of cardiovascular disease and the onset of osteoporosis.

When a woman reaches a certain age, "often we care physicians to prescribe treatments for the prevention of osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease or symptoms of menopause itself, such as hot flashes, and we do not address the principal concern mature women in Spain: to preserve their health without impairing their physical image.

"Within this physical picture," added the expert, "women have been taking the dehydration of the skin as a normal age to show great concern for the health of your skin."

During perimenopause is when most obviously manifest the characteristic symptoms of the climacteric syndrome, due to the relative decline in estrogen values that maintain menstruation. They are neurodegenerative disorders with vasomotor symptoms of hot flashes, mood swings, sweating, insomnia and parenthesis.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dry Hair Treatment

The dry and lifeless hair can become a problem for people who want to look good. In addition, one of the effects of dry hair is the flowerets or split ends.

The causes of dry hair can be hereditary, you were born with curly hair, or because hair is very porous. Or maybe you are using strong shampoos that are removing the natural oils your scalp. Another factor may be a diet deficient in the nutrients needed by the hair. And the best known cause, excessive use of dryers, chemicals, dyes or shine.

Avocado - A cap avocado will give the proteins that moisturize hair. Peel a ripe avocado, add a teaspoon of wheat germ oil and a teaspoon of jojoba oil. Combine all ingredients. Apply after shampooing, starting with the scalp and giving massage to reach the ends. Put a plastic cap and leave on for 10 or 15 minutes. Rinse. Repeat once a week.

Unflavored gelatin - Mix one tablespoon unflavored gelatin with one cup of water until it begins to make a gel. Do not let him cut it. Add a teaspoon of cider vinegar and two drops of essential oils jasmine and rosemary. Stir well and apply after shampooing. Sure to treat all the hair including the scalp. Leave on for 5 or 10 minutes. Repeat once a week.

Linseed oil - Hydrate your hair from the inside by eating a teaspoon of flaxseed oil with your meals.

Milk, eggs and a few drops of almond oil - Mix the three ingredients and apply to hair. Cover with a towel for twenty minutes and rinse.

For dry ends - Apply olive oil every three days during the night.

One for dry ends - Apply butter on the ends and cover with a warm towel. Let stand for 15 minutes. Wash the butter using a mixture of 1 / 2 cup vinegar, 1 / 2 teaspoon lemon juice 1 / 2 quart of warm water.

Castor oil and garlic - Mix 8 tablespoons of hot castor oil 8 large garlic cloves crushed. Let marinate for 36 hours and strain. Give yourself a massage with hair oil especially in the scalp and head wrapped in a towel. It leaves him for an hour or more. Wash normally.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Heartburn Causes And Symptoms

Burning sensation in the middle of the chest caused by the rise of stomach juices into the esophagus, which are regularly accompanied by belching.


* Eating spicy foods, excess fat and seasonings.
* Drinking alcohol.
* Poor digestion.
* Consuming irritants, soft drinks coffee, black tea and chocolate.
* Smoke, and toxic substances in the smoke inhaled irritate the esophagus and stomach lining.
* Pregnancy because the fetus presses the digestive system of preventing mother to perform their duties as normal.
* Stress and nervousness favor excessive production of gastric juices that give rise to heartburn.


* Frequent belching.
* Feeling trapped air in the esophagus.
* Burning in the larynx.


* Is made based on the symptoms mentioned above.
* If heartburn is frequent, the specialist will do physical exams and x-rays to assess the state of the digestive tract.


* Eating spicy foods in moderation and fats.
* Avoid drinking alcohol, soft drinks, coffee and black tea.
* Do not smoke, because this increases irritation of the stomach. Can be used to snuff the counter.
* Dairy products like milk, yogurt and cheese kept in good conditions, the intestinal flora, thereby reducing the risk of stomach problems.
* Always eat sitting, never lying down.
* Do not lie down immediately after eating.
* Having a fixed feeding schedule to prevent gastric juices produced when there is no food in the stomach and tends to go up the esophagus.
* Avoid stress and nervousness. If these emotional states are already present, it is recommended to control them with natural tranquilizers and herbal teas.
* Do not wear tight girdles or belts tight, since pressure on the stomach and aggravate the problem.


* We recommend taking nonprescription antacids, for relieving heartburn by neutralizing stomach acid and coat the lining of the esophagus.
* Avoid food and irritants, such as Chilly, sausage, chocolate, spices and fat, to improve digestion and to avoid such hassles.
* There are food supplements that help improve digestion.
* Because pregnancy can not take antacids, it is advisable to have a diet low in fat and spicy seasonings. It is necessary to conduct four to five small meals a day and chew gum constantly, since the production of saliva that it generates helps neutralize stomach acid.

Consult your doctor.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Stretch Marks Treatment

Coconut oil: An easy home remedy to reduce stretch marks is with coconut oil. It gets one to two teaspoons of coconut oil in a bowl. Container is placed in a water bath to warm up the oil. Making sure the oil is not hot enough to burn skin, apply it with a massage on the parts where the problem of stretch marks is or where you want to prevent them.

Linseed oil: Another easy way to remove stretch marks is with linseed oil. Because of its high content of vitamin E, flaxseed oil promotes cell regeneration and may help reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Avocado cream against stretch marks: Mix pulp medium avocado with a spoonful of lemon and a honey. Apply the mixture every day giving massages round.

Carrot Pasta: Put carrots steamed until they are soft. The crushing and makes a puree and is applied in the area with stretch marks. Leave on for half an hour and rinse with cold water. Hot water is very bad for stretch marks and skin stretching.

Carrot and almond milk: Grate two carrots and mix with almond milk so that it forms a paste. Apply in the area where you want reduce stretch marks and let it stay as long as possible.

Stretch mark reducing cream: 100 fresh leaves of dandelion, 1 / 2 liter of water, 1 / 2 cup of aloe pulp juice, 7 drops of rosehip oil, oat flour (enough so that the mixture is smooth). In a liter of water, boil the dandelion for 10 minutes and set aside. In a tall container, pour water and add dandelion aloe juice, rose hip and oatmeal. Beat in the mixer. Apply cream on stretch marks and let it work for at least an hour. Wash with warm water. Do this treatment at least 5 times a week. For best results, after washing, massage with cocoa butter or wheat germ.

Poultice reducing stretch marks: Apply three times a week a poultice of clay, they sell it and leave it overnight. When you have used it gets to dry in the sun. Before you use it again puts an infusion of rosemary to re-make mud. You can use the mixture three times. Wash with cold water when you remove the mud and give yourself friction with this cream: 30g sesame seeds soaked in a little water overnight. Drain and mash and adds a tablet of vitamin B and vitamin E 500g. 5g is added sweet almond oil and go.

Sage cream to reduce stretch marks: Mix a cup of sage oil, 5 tablespoons oil wheat germ and two tablespoons of melted lanolin. Hot water bath, remove and let cool. Rub the cream into the affected area before bedtime.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Vaginal Infection Treatment

Occur frequently and, contrary to what most people think, not always acquired through sexual contact, because even girls can have it for lack of hygiene, administration of some drugs and hormonal changes.

Represent one of the leading causes of consultation in gynecology, indicating that most women have had at least once.

Usually are caused by bacteria and fungi, microorganisms that multiply when they find the appropriate physical and environmental conditions, which are generated by poor hygiene, prolonged treatment with antibiotics, use of synthetic fabric underwear, dressing gowns wet bathing for a long time and have unprotected sex with multiple partners.

Its diagnosis and treatment require the assistance of the obstetrician, who will rule if the condition is associated with allergic problems triggered by harsh soaps or gels, using certain pads or detergents used for washing underwear.

Women Problem

Various symptoms betray the presence of an infection in the female reproductive tract. Among the most common are itching, burning, white discharge (like cottage cheese), bad smell and pain during intercourse.

There are also, quite often, cases of cervical infections in girls, a problem associated with poor hygiene and anatomical immaturity. This last factor is that before puberty, girls have small labia minora, vaginal mucous vaginal discharge thin and low, plus it is alkaline pH, conditions that favor the colonization by bacteria.

However, this situation changed a year before the submission of the first period, the effect of estrogen.


To prevent gynecological problems is essential, first, make proper hygiene, which should take place with mild soap, also is recommended:

* Avoid douching, as it upset the balance of microorganisms.
* Do not use soaps, scented tampons and toilet paper, powders or vaginal sprays.
* Reduce the use of tight clothing, pantyhose and underwear small, especially if made from synthetic materials.
* Having sex with a regular partner or use condoms.
* Indoor laundry soap and not be exposed to fabric softeners.
* Regularly go to the gynecologist.

It is important that patients with diabetes and women who suffer from frequent infections, they manage highly effective treatments to ensure that their quality of life diminishes. It is also advisable to limit consumption of sugars to prevent vaginal acidity out of control.

If you feel strange, as previously mentioned, immediately go to the gynecologist to provide treatment. Remember that the success of the latter is always greater if started early in the disease.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How To Slow Down The Aging Process

We are all subjected to the aging process according to some research that begins at age 22.

However, diet and lifestyle can vary this process done in some case to be delayed and others that are out prematurely.

Free radicals also have a lot to do with the aging process. These are produced by snuff, pollution, among others.

Free radicals attack DNA inside the cell, which provides the matrix for cell replication, preventing cell reproduction and take the electron they need to collagen tissue cells of the skin. As a result, the skin loses its elasticity, it looks dry and wrinkled.

Free-radical fighting antioxidants you need to eat foods such as strawberries, grapefruit, oranges, carrots, ginkgo biloba, and green tea, among others.

Here are some recipes for juices and tea antioxidants:

# 1 antioxidant infusion


2 cups water
7 tablespoon of ginkgo biloba
7 sprig chamomile

Boil water in a boil and add the chamomile ginkgo biloba, let boil 5 minutes over very low heat, then remove from heat and let stand another 10 minutes.

Take this tea every day and if you want you can sweeten with honey to taste.

# 2 Antioxidant Infusions


2 cups water
7 tsp green tea
7 tablespoon Gotu kola

Heat water to boiling, then add green tea and Gotu kola herb, let continue boiling 5 minutes over low heat.

After that time, remove from fire. Let stand at least 10 minutes. Strain the tea and take in the morning, you can sweeten with honey or sugar.

# 3 antioxidant juice


3 carrots
1 grapefruit
2 large strawberries
1 green apple

Wash fruits and vegetables before use. Squeeze the juice of grapefruit. Going through the juicer carrots, strawberries and apples.

Mix with grapefruit juice and serve. Drinking this juice a week and rest one.

# 4 Antioxidant Juice


1 small cabbage
1 carrot
1 Red pepper

In the exhaust, get the carrot juice and col. Mix the mixture in a blender, add the red pepper.

Blend to perfection and served. Take twice a week, preferably during the morning and rest a week.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Lose Weight in Healthy Way

However, there are certain tricks that can be homemade used to lose weight in a healthy, natural way and detailed below:

• Develop a list of reasons that have to lower weight and maintain that list in a visible place in the kitchen preferably near the fridge.

• Chewing food thoroughly and take the time to enjoying.

• Learn more about the virtues of nutrients and body's needs, so you can judge the eating habits and change.

• Avoid weighing yourself every day to know how much it has thinned. It is more convenient weighed once a week and always in the morning.

• Do not skip any meal especially breakfast, as note the body and then collects reserves. Even the person may have more hunger and overeating.

• Each meal minimum three must have food groups food provided following the proportion of the dish. That is, the agency must receive necessary dose of vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and fat.

• Prefer steaming techniques, roasted grilled and baked.

• Avoid foods that have cream sauces, butter or oil in excess.

• Search options of fresh fruit for dessert.

• Choose a daily basis without added fat vegetable side dishes or low quantity and fresh salads.

• Follow a balanced diet low in saturated fat and saturated trans fats, cholesterol, added sugars, salt and alcohol.

• Balance caloric intake with exercise.

• Prefer whole grains rather than refined.

• Include dairy free or low-fat.

• Stay away from added sugars.

• Avoid adding salt in food preparation.

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weight Gain For Women Healthy Way

The problem at the time of weight gain for women is an issue that is more special, because the woman's body reacts differently when trying to gain weight in healthy way and because women have different beliefs than the increase weight and muscle development. If you are one of the women seeking to gain weight, here are some tips.

No, do not end up looking like a man!

One of the things that most concern to women when it comes to gaining weight is no end to be seen as a man who exercises. Do not worry, this will not happen.

Women do not have the kind of physical or enough testosterone necessary to have muscles on the type of man.

While bodybuilding women may perhaps be somewhat "masculine" this will happen with good diet and appropriate exercise program.

If you do not like the way you are, it’s time to diet and exercise program. Just take care not to do something extreme and keep your figure curvy and feminine.

Come abundant and often

It's amazing how easy it is to underestimate the amount you need to eat to gain weight. To be sure you are consuming enough calories to gain weight, you need to take the time to exercise exactly what you need each session and a diet that can fill the gaps.

And do not think this is just to eat whatever you want and not exercising. If you are who you gain weight costs that strategy simply leave you with a chubby belly or as thin as you were before.
Please exercise your muscles to gain weight in a healthy way, there is no other way to do it.

Get your healthy weight increase

First of all, regardless of your gender or your weight, you always need fat in your diet. Second, if you expect to have a toned body with curves in the right places your fat are what allow you to do so. For healthy foods rich in fat can try olive oil or nuts, hazelnuts, cashews or chestnuts, fish such as cod, plus avocado and oatmeal.

Do not avoid hard workout

For some reason, many women attend aerobic classes, jogging or resort to expensive gym machines such as treadmills or elliptical. These are great ways to keep your heart healthy and lower fat but do not help build muscles.

While you can not leave your cardio routine, if you want to gain weight quickly need to exercise intensely. Focus on exercises such as weight lifting, squats with weight, weight-bearing exercises on the bench and shoulder exercises.

In doing an exercise routine of this type 3 times a week, you will start seeing results within weeks.

While weight gain is not so drastically different for men and women there are some special considerations to keep in mind if you want to gain weight quickly and healthily. The important thing is to be sure that your diet gives you the nutrients and calories, needed to allow your muscles to grow and not just maintain them.

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Natural Herbal Remedies For Weight Loss

There are lots of different ways someone can burn the kilos away from their bodies. Let's look at some of the most popular.

1) Drinking water. A very good idea, and one should be thinking about every morning is drink a glass of water. All you have to remember is to make the water hot. I know this sounds appealing, but it's true and proven to work very well! If you do not like the taste of tap water, squeeze half a lemon, mixed with a teaspoon of honey. Keep doing this every morning and try it for a week. Also, you could try drinking hot water throughout the day. It will help greatly in reducing body fat.

2) You have to make lifestyle changes in their daily lives. The best thing to start doing if you want to delete those extra kilos you have to change your daily diet. You do not have to make changes at once. Just start slowly at first and take your time. If you make changes too quickly, you can actually hit their target.

3) Cut off most of the foods you consider to being high in calories or high-fat unnecessary. If you enjoy eating ice cream, choose to eat yogurt instead. You will cut calories safely.

4) Eat foods that are options brown, no white foods. A great example of this is to eat brown rice instead of white rice. Again, you can start slow at first, so try to eat brown rice for only once a week.

5) In addition, a good idea, even for one day a week is to eat only fruits and vegetables. So basically all day, make sure you only eat fruits and vegetables and nothing else.

6) It is also necessary to initiate and maintain a daily exercise routine. You must make at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise every day. You can go walking, biking, jogging, swimming, or staying indoors, and walk towards the tape. Anything that makes your heart rate is a proper exercise to be doing.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Secret Behind Glowing Skin

It is very important to know that as well as providing the basis for beauty, proper cleansing can actually improve the quality of our skin, making it more radiant and beautiful. The surface of our skin is covered with an intricate pattern of grooves with openings leading to the glands that produce sweat and sebum. These cracks and pores are the perfect environment for dirt and dust, which can damage the skin's appearance and the effect of beauty products.

Does not take long to clean skin is dirty again. Sweat and sebum is being produced constantly, the natural process of skin renewal results in the shedding of dead cells, and may leave fragments on the surface of the skin. Adding to these natural processes outside material found on the skin, such as dust and air pollution, as well as cosmetic ingredients, is easy to understand the importance of regular and thorough cleaning.

Proper cleaning enhances the appearance and condition of our skin. The result of poor cleaning, either 'excessive cleanliness' or 'uncleanness', can alter the skin's natural balance. The products that are harmful to our skin can remove natural oils and moisture barrier damage your causing dryness.

Other products may be much softer, but they may leave oily residues that can interfere with the process of shedding of cells on the surface of the skin. Therefore it is very important to apply on our face cleanser designed to help maintain balance and structure of the skin while effectively remove the dirty residue.

Facial wipes are also helpful. Olay Facial Wipes, working with clean water to provide innovative with excellent skin conditioning. The result is an advanced facial cleanser that leaves skin feeling clean and soft without dryness, stiffness or stickiness.

Tips for skin care include care and skin cleansing. Prepare your skin to be radiant at parties. The skin cleansing is an important part of our daily routine to have a radiant skin. Women with a body equipped with a radiant skin soft and feel more satisfied with them. What to eat to keep skin radiant? One of the tips for skin care is to keep the skin clean. Much importance is skin cleansing and techniques to clean the face or faces of the most effective. To perform skin cleansing the movements should always be smooth without rubbing vigorously. Follow all Tips for skin care keep radiant skin Young and beautiful and beauty routine daily and weekly.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wrinkle Treatments That Work

It is the appearance of line-shaped grooves on the surface of the skin, because as time passes the skin loses its firmness, it retains less water and sebum secretion is slower. Therefore, the skin becomes more vulnerable to wear, which initially occurs only as fine lines (brands that are visible when we talk, laugh or cry, for example). This process also involves heredity, color, gesture and prolonged exposure to the sun the more visible the problem area is located on the side of the eyes ("crow's feet) and around the mouth.


* The natural aging, because the body's cells fail to be renewed with the same speed with which they do during the first 50 years of life.
* Cells need oxygen to convert food into energy. However, the presence of a few atoms of this gas and nitrogen (free radicals), which are major constituents of the atmosphere and enter our body through breathing, can have detrimental effects (oxidation), and influence development of heart disease, cancer or Alzheimer's. To counter this problem, our body uses antioxidants naturally present in foods and food supplements, which also serve to prevent or delay the onset of wrinkles.
* Muscle movements in the face and gestures (smile or frown) skin marking and give way to the formation of wrinkles.
* Prolonged exposure to sun without protection.
* White skin wrinkle faster because it has the same amount of melanin (pigment that serves as a shield against the sun) that brown or black skin.
* Weight up and down often favor the appearance of wrinkles, as obesity causes the skin to stretch, but the reduction is made causes flaccid (soft).
* Inheritance of premature aging.
* Air pollution damages the skin layers.
* Smoking causes cell aging as snuff components interfere with the action of oxygen.
* Low moisture.
* Drink little water (less than eight glasses a day).


* Loss of firmness and elasticity of the skin.
* Dry skin.
* Formation of lines, usually near the eyes and around the mouth, which subsequently become grooves.
* Diagnosis
* The appearance of wrinkles is determined when the face begins to appreciate small lines that crisscross in all directions.


Aging is an inevitable natural process; however they can follow some steps to delay the appearance of wrinkles:

* Avoid consumption of snuff.
* Balanced diet.
* Take 8 to 10 glasses of water a day to keep skin hydrated.
* From an early age should apply moisturizers and sunscreen to protect skin.
* The consumption of vitamin E retards cellular aging. Naturally found in broccoli, plums, spinach, asparagus, apples, bananas and carrots. The daily requirement of vitamin A may be supplemented by a supplement containing the substance.
* In addition, vitamin A (which has two natural sources: retinol, derived from the animal kingdom and beta-carotene, which comes from the plant kingdom) maintained in good condition the cells of the mucous membranes and skin and, in general, the performance of all tissues.


* We recommend the use of moisturizers, as well as being preventative can improve the conditions of the skin and prevent wrinkles accentuate existing faster.
* You must protect your skin from the sun blocker, and that delay premature aging.
* If aging is very rapid it is advisable to see a dermatologist.
* There antioxidant vitamins can delay the onset of wrinkles.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Female Hair Loss and Tips

The hair has a life span of four years, during which it is not unusual to lose some, but when the loss is excessive and out of the ordinary, it's time to see a specialist, because the consequences can be disastrous.

There are approximately 100 000 hairs that fill our heads, and experts consider normal daily loss of between 50 and 100 hairs. But when the numbers increase we run the risk of alopecia, issue in which men and women can lose hair in its entirety.


You can prevent hair loss by following simple tips, like the ones here are:

* Do not pick up the hair while still wet, it becomes weak, loses strength and falls. When finished bathing, remove the excess water with a towel or electric dryer using cold air, until it takes root dry to 10 fingers down so you can pick it up.

* Do not use hot air to dry, as the heat opens the hair cortex, causing a fall.

* Do not sleep with wet hair, because when in contact with the pillow will not let him breathe.

* Do not wash your hair daily, it opens the pores and may fall.

* Use shampoo and conditioner for your type of hair, the right thing is that recommended by your stylist.

* Massage the scalp with your fingertips using gentle circular movements, it failed to stimulate blood flow.

In addition to protein and carbohydrate balance (lines indicated above), we recommend that you supplement your diet with foods that contain vitamins and minerals that protect and strengthen your hair, which will inform you as follows:

* Vitamins. Primarily A, B5 (panthenol) and C, which have important role in preventing cellular aging, strengthen the scalp, providing strength and shine, plus it helps in healthy growth, are found in cod liver oil and wheat germ, as well as eggs, milk, butter, yeast, cereals, bread, fish, beans, corn, soybean, sunflower, tomato, asparagus, spinach, parsley, cucumber, cabbage, onion, avocado, carrot, peach, citrus, papaya, bananas, broccoli, plums, apples, blackberries and royal jelly.

* Minerals. If you eat spinach, cereals, wholemeal bread and dried fruit will ensure good quality and strength of the hair.

* Sulfur. Ensures adherence of keratin (a natural protein that strengthens the hair) is found naturally in eggs, almonds, watercress, milk, mustard, horseradish and garlic.

* Magnesium. Provides vitality to the hair fibers, and its sources bananas, wheat, nuts, dates, cherries, spinach, strawberries, cheese, pears and raisins.

In any other case as in the hair loss is more valid the phrase "nobody knows what they have until it is lost", do not you think?

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How You Can Increase Penis Size?

There is an abundance of penis enlargement techniques on hand in on the market and some are bad, some worse while a lot of good and effective which can increase penis size and thickness. The penis enhancement techniques include surgery, exercise, device, pills, cream and many others and the penis enlargement will certainly bring a positive change in your sex life and you will be surrounded by the women chasing you as soon as they hear what a massive tool you have for their pleasure and satisfaction.

Among various methods, the pills are quite efficient to increase penis size and you can find penis enlargement pills in the market quiet easily at reasonable prices and the twill work best for you and give you all the benefits you ever imagined in your life.

The penis enhancement pills will bring you the following delights and advantages;

They increase penis size in the length as well as the circumference of it.
You will have stronger and prolonged erection.
You will enjoy the intense orgasms.
You will make your women go wild and crazy in bed, asking for more.
The most important and the best advantage which to attract the women you will have is to reach their G-spot with your penis.

The women are burning in the fire to be touched at their G-spot and you will be able to do it with no problems at all. They buy different toys and stuff to make it possible, but noting can replace the penis and, yes, you can fulfill their needs and bring them in ecstasy in the sexual encounter with them. You will need no more hand to touch the G-spot of your woman as your loner and thicker penis will do it very easily which a woman really wants.

The penile enlargement pills have done wonders for a lot of men and like all of them you will be able to boast about your long tool to impress the women, and you will become the word of mouth and reach many feminine mouths with an instant as you son as you expose it to one woman.

Even if you do not want to have many women around you pining for you, and you are a one-woman man, still to increase penis size matters a lot if you are not bestowed with the best long and thick tool. Keep in mind that the long a long and thick penis is the requirement of the women and it is certainly required by your woman too even if she is a one-man woman as well. Therefore, to increase penis size is inevitable for you whether you are a Casanova or a simple one-woman man.

Penis enlargement pills show the outcomes in just two or three weeks for most of the users and at most it will take about two months. You can also apply some penis enlargement exercises as well to give a boost to the process to increase penis size so that you can achieve your desire as soon as possible.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Stress Relief Treatment

Stress Relief Treatment and Natural Home Remedies for Stress

The body's response to natural relaxation is a powerful antidote to stress. Relaxation techniques like deep breathing, visualization, progressive muscle relaxation, meditation and yoga can help trigger the relaxation response.

When practiced regularly, these activities result in a reduction in their levels of daily stress and a rise in feelings of joy and serenity. What's more, they also serve to protect the quality teaching you how to stay calm and collected in the face of curve balls of life.
You can not avoid stress, but you can counteract its negative effects on learning to evoke the relaxation response, a state of deep rest that is the polar opposite of the stress response.


Modern life is full of problems, deadlines, frustrations and demands. For many people, stress is so common that it has become a way of life. Stress is not always bad. In small doses, can help you with low weight and motivate to do best. However, at what point you are constantly running in emergency mode, the mind and body pay the price.

If you regularly find yourself feeling exhausted and snow below, it's time to take steps to balance your nervous system. You can protect manually by learning how to recognize signs and symptoms of stress and take steps to reduce its harmful effects.

A lot of clothing can cause pressure. You can feel the tension at what time to go to a job interview, an exam, or a career. This type of short-term stress are standard. In the long term (chronic) stress is caused by stressful situations or events that most recently during a long period of time, as damage to work or family conflicts.


The most common physical symptoms of stress are caused by the "fight or flight" response to their own bodies, which was never intended by nature to be used for long periods of time.

This response evolved to help at risk - whether to stay and fight or flee, these reactions involve both the body with chemicals and hormones to increase alertness and gives an instant boost of energy and strength.

Short-term "problems" that can be physically settled this chemical reaction is good and does not cause health problems as a human body. However most of the modern problems of today, the situations and problems are short term and can not be resolved with a simple physical re-actions.

Home Remedies

Stress is the body's reaction to the body, so emotional, social or mental imposed on the person. These changes, either first class or bad, produces tension or stress. there's no way to avoid stress completely, injuries, weddings, meetings, childbirth, deadlines, bills to pay, or even go to a party is stressful.

It's part of our everyday life and is very difficult to control, but there are situations in life that create an extraordinary amount of stress, things like overwork, death of relatives or friends, etc surgery, which in turn can be harmful for our health, leading to fatigue, headaches, backaches, muscle aches, stiff neck, loss of appetite, memory loss, low self-

Reduced sexual desire, changes in sleep patterns, shallow breathing. the sum of all these up, resulting in a potential opportunity to become sick with a more severe illness, and things like high blood pressure, skin diseases, heart attacks, tumors and obesity.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Low Sex Drive and Boost Your Libido

A low sex drive in women refers to a lack of interest in sexual relations. It is not strange to experience a temporary decline in sexual desire at some point, and many women do. But if it persists, it may present problems.

A low sex drive is perfectly usual and affects most of us at some point. It is only a difficulty if one or both of you are sad with the situation. If that is the case then you may want to get expert advice.

So, what exactly is low sex drive in women? In medical terms, you have hypoactive sexual desire disorder if you have an unrelenting or recurrent lack of interest in sex that causes you personal distress. But you don't have to meet this medical meaning to seek help. If you aren't as caught up in sex as you'd like to be, talk to your doctor.

Causes of  Low Sex Drive: -

• Smoking and Drinking: - Young men often partake in activities that involve smoking and drinking. According to a study published in the Journal of Urology, if these substances are consumed in excess, the likelihood that a young man will have a low sex drive almost doubles.

• Poor Diet: - Young men who consume a poor diet generally have a weak flow of blood throughout their body. This can affect energy levels and overall wellness, and decreases a young man's interest in sex.

• Hormones: - A young man's libido is connected to the production of neurotransmitters and hormones such as testosterone and estrogen. When a young man experiences stressors like anxiety or depression, the normal production level of hormones can be affected, causing a lowered sex drive and ED.

• Health-Related Factors: - The sexual interest level in young men is also affected by poor health. Generally, young men with diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, weight issues, high blood pressure, anemia and multiple sclerosis have a low sex drive.

• Psychological Causes: - Low sex drive in young men is principally attributed to psychological problems. The mind is the main sex organ, so when it is placed in stressful situations, it can cause strain and affect everything from sleep to eating and interest in sex. Some common psychological problems in young men include depression, anxiety, stress, relationship issues and financial problems.

How to Increase Low Sex Drive: -

•    Bananas contain the brome lain enzyme, which is believed to increase libido and reverse impotence in men. Additionally, they are good sources of potassium and B vitamins like riboflavin, which increase the body's overall energy levels.

•    Make the choice to work at your sex life. Most especially if you and your partner have been together a long time. Sometimes things just need sprucing up. If you feel too overweight to feel sexy, try splitting a bottle of pleasant red wine. Put on something nice and enhance the mood of your room. Work at it.

Overweight, underweight or just perfect, people have to make the effort to keep the sexual tension alive.

•    Flexibility - Being limber can enhance anyone's sex life by making it a bit easier to get into your favorite position with a minimum amount of fuss. Try stretching after your workouts or incorporate a little yoga into your routine. Yoga is also relaxing, which can help you reduce fatigue and get in the mood.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Natural Cure for Night Fall Problem

Nightfall is the uncontrolled ejaculation of semen during sleep. This is generally caused by sexual arousal and orgasm from dreams. Night fall or nocturnal emission is completely normal for males during teenage and early adult years.

When boys enter puberty, there occur a lot of hormonal changes. These changes can result in spontaneous erections during sleep or, during the day and nocturnal emissions. These are simply a part of normal development.

Causes of Night Fall Discharge

The exact cause of night discharge is not known. Some individual think that night discharges are the direct result of the stimulation caused by either erotic dreams or memories of waking sexual activities..

However, there has been little experimental evidence to support this theory, and many men claim to have had Night discharge without erotic dreams. Another common theory is that wet dreams are the way the body through away excess of semen, while scientifically it is not proved. Night discharge provides a kind of physiological safety valve for sexual tension.

Night Fall Side Effect

1. Fatigue
2. Back pain
3. Hair loss
4. Weak erection
5. Premature ejaculation
6. Testicular pain
7. Cramp in pelvic cavity

Natural Treatment for Night Fall Problem

• Get a moderate bath by necessary oils, such as blends with Sandalwood, Ylang, lavender, Rose, Jasmine, German and Roman chamomile.

• Join 2 tsp of fenugreek foliage juice with 1 tsp of honey. Have this mixture at bed times every day.

• It is sensible to have 3 cups of curd daily for people suffering from need of sleep.

• Join bottle gourd juice and sesame oil in equal parts. Manipulate this combination on the scalp each night.

• On the other hand, ripe leaves of the bottle gourd can be in use as a vegetable. This is as well helpful in curing insomnia.

• Does quiet, calming behavior such as interpretation books, doing puzzles or drenched in a moderate bath proceeding to bed. Consideration or recreation exercises may assist, too.

Does quiet, calming behavior such as interpretation books, doing puzzles or drenched in a moderate bath proceeding to bed. Consideration or recreation exercises may assist too. Natural Methods and Remedies to Control Nightfall and Night Discharge.

Excessive masturbation may have been the cause of your problems to begin with. Reducing your frequency of sex and masturbation from now on will help to prevent early ejaculation and seminal leakages from reoccurring.

Men who experience weak erections often rely on the tightening of the PC muscles in order to keep the erection alive. This puts added stress on the prostate gland and trains the PC muscles to contract, mimicking a state of orgasm that will open the ejaculation valve prematurely, allowing semen to leak.

A regular course of these powerful natural, medicines is capable of eradicating the side effects of over masturbation and strengthens whole uro-genital system to cure precum problem. Increase water intake and have nutritional homemade meals.

We know by improving the quality of a man's erection, feeding the tissues and nerves with nutrients and hormones, and strengthening the ejaculate value, a man can overcome seminal leakage and no doubt conquer other sexual problems associated with leaking precum.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Natural Cure for Night Fall Problem

Nightfall is the uncontrolled ejaculation of semen during sleep. This is generally caused by sexual arousal and orgasm from dreams. Night fall or nocturnal emission is completely normal for males during teenage and early adult years.

When boys enter puberty, there occur a lot of hormonal changes. These changes can result in spontaneous erections during sleep or, during the day and nocturnal emissions. These are simply a part of normal development.

Causes of Night Fall Discharge

The exact cause of night discharge is not known. Some individual think that night discharges are the direct result of the stimulation caused by either erotic dreams or memories of waking sexual activities..

However, there has been little experimental evidence to support this theory, and many men claim to have had Night discharge without erotic dreams. Another common theory is that wet dreams are the way the body through away excess of semen, while scientifically it is not proved. Night discharge provides a kind of physiological safety valve for sexual tension.

Night Fall Side Effect

1. Fatigue
2. Back pain
3. Hair loss
4. Weak erection
5. Premature ejaculation
6. Testicular pain
7. Cramp in pelvic cavity

Natural Treatment for Night Fall Problem

• Get a moderate bath by necessary oils, such as blends with Sandalwood, Ylang, lavender, Rose, Jasmine, German and Roman chamomile.

• Join 2 tsp of fenugreek foliage juice with 1 tsp of honey. Have this mixture at bed times every day.

• It is sensible to have 3 cups of curd daily for people suffering from need of sleep.

• Join bottle gourd juice and sesame oil in equal parts. Manipulate this combination on the scalp each night.

• On the other hand, ripe leaves of the bottle gourd can be in use as a vegetable. This is as well helpful in curing insomnia.

• Does quiet, calming behavior such as interpretation books, doing puzzles or drenched in a moderate bath proceeding to bed. Consideration or recreation exercises may assist, too.

Does quiet, calming behavior such as interpretation books, doing puzzles or drenched in a moderate bath proceeding to bed. Consideration or recreation exercises may assist too. Natural Methods and Remedies to Control Nightfall and Night Discharge.

Excessive masturbation may have been the cause of your problems to begin with. Reducing your frequency of sex and masturbation from now on will help to prevent early ejaculation and seminal leakages from reoccurring.

Men who experience weak erections often rely on the tightening of the PC muscles in order to keep the erection alive. This puts added stress on the prostate gland and trains the PC muscles to contract, mimicking a state of orgasm that will open the ejaculation valve prematurely, allowing semen to leak.

A regular course of these powerful natural, medicines is capable of eradicating the side effects of over masturbation and strengthens whole uro-genital system to cure precum problem. Increase water intake and have nutritional homemade meals.

We know by improving the quality of a man's erection, feeding the tissues and nerves with nutrients and hormones, and strengthening the ejaculate value, a man can overcome seminal leakage and no doubt conquer other sexual problems associated with leaking precum.