Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Sexuality is the vital energy of the strongest human being; however, this source of pleasure can be sabotaged by erectile dysfunction, a condition that also impacts on women because, in many cases, you are responsible for it.

For it is problem in two and he perceived as individual case that threatens his manhood. The fact is that erectile dysfunction taking both by surprise, can destroy your relationship, generating a climate of violence, cause depression and cause of divorce.

Failure of erection arouses the fear of failure in an upcoming sexual approach, as well as frustration, shame, anger and guilt. No wonder that in this flood of feelings, men or deleted spaced sexual encounters, thus affecting their partners.

In this context, note that many women feel guilty because they believe they are no longer able to stimulate or excite their mates, they feel rejected, depressed, and afraid to infidelity and in disappointment. Also, they often blame them openly, either by settlement or little extra kilos, but deep experience great fear to confront the problem as their own, are full of myths and misinformation about eroticism and the same dysfunction.

Women tend to think that it is no longer attractive or that he is interested in another person and that no longer responds to it. All these thoughts are very destructive because they generate frustration, discomfort and low self-esteem. The worst part is that he does not express his feelings to her, which turns into a spiral of resentment can end the relationship.

Out faults

Women must know that the erection is a response that depends on the will of men or of physical attractiveness; it is scientifically proven that men can feel much sexual desire and arousal, but not present erectile response. This can have multiple causes, which include diabetes mellitus (high blood sugar), hypertension (high blood pressure), prostate disease, spinal cord injuries, drug use, excessive smoking, low levels of testosterone and some medicines.

To this we add the emotional reasons, same as they relate to anxiety, fear of performance, memory of having failed once and overuse. Erectile dysfunction can occur even in people aged 20 years, cases in which the origin is psychological. Especially upset occurs in men with rapid ejaculation or having to feel very nervous to be with his family in a place where they could be caught in the middle of intercourse.

Loss of manhood?

Our society is full of myths, of old, they reinforce the idea that manhood and virility focus on sexual power and domination of man over his lovemaking ability. Also, around this there are inherited values they place the power of one man's sexual organ and the number of times you use it.

A man with erectile dysfunction is facing these false concepts and social beliefs, which alter his personal life and relationship with others. For the man is one of the most devastating because we live in a society where, in my opinion, overstates the erection. Why say this?, If we are objective, vaginal penetration is probably the most inappropriate for a woman there to reach orgasm. There are those who enjoy it much, but again not the best way to achieve the maximum pleasure.

Also contributing significantly, the issue of gender. Consider that the man is considered strong, provider, leader and protector, then, if it supports all these capabilities in their erections, to have felt threatened dysfunction. However, not only affects their relationships with partners, but also with family, friends, coworkers and neighbors.

What communication?

Another damaging factor is the lack of sexual communication. When a woman raises the problem to your partner, he often offended and reacts violently and aggressively. In other cases, are less compromising justified reasons, such as fatigue, work, stress or some other health problems.

Erotic communication link is a pillar of love, but doing so requires great courage, especially when we grew up in an atmosphere of silence and taboo. Intimate censorship is devastating, you need security and trust environment where we can express what we like and what we dislike without fear of being criticized or rejected.

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