Monday, June 27, 2011

Stress And Anxiety Facts

Stress and anxiety affect the balance of our body, especially in what touches the circulatory and immune systems and make us prone to disease and stroke. Fortunately, proper diet and other health measures reduce its impact.

There are several resources to cope with stressful situations, and it is suitable to be put in place as soon as possible. We talked about taking short breaks (from "high" in the working day mini vacation to allow a change in routine), practice breathing exercises, relaxation or meditation, getting adequate sleep, talk with family and friends, to carry out recreational activities and eat healthy diet.

Nutritional Highlights

Delve into this point to understand why our food can help combat the devastating consequences of a stressful routine.

Note that many undesirable effects of stress, such as confusion, fatigue, insomnia and lack of concentration, due to the loss of essential nutrients for the brain and nervous system. Thus, it is essential to consume to benefit our mental performance and mood.

Basic rules in the diet

Combating stress through nutrition is to eat healthy and balanced diet, although this is important to remember some basics:

* Follow the schedules of meals and try to keep them stable every day. This will prevent sharp declines in the level of nutrients.

* Start the day with a good breakfast. The lack of carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals midmorning causes nervousness and irritability.

* The quality of sleep is altered because abundant dining and drinking plenty of fluids before bedtime. It is recommended not to take food in the 2 to 3 hours before sleep.

* Avoid "diets" to lose weight because not only reduce the intake of carbohydrates but also vitamins and minerals.

A proper diet to counteract the effects of stress should include fruits and vegetables in abundance (requires at least 5 servings a day) as the main source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are available.

Thus, it is highly desirable to include a salad a day and at least one serving of fruit rich in vitamin C (one medium piece or the equivalent of a cup of orange, mandarin, guava and kiwi), without forgetting the importance of eating nuts ( almonds, pecans, peanuts) to provide essential fatty acids the body.

Is it advisable to take multivitamins?

As we have seen, stress involves a great physical and mental, so that the use of supplements of vitamins and minerals is favorable, although always under the supervision or advice of a doctor. This is because some brands include ginseng and extract rich in caffeine, which are exciting the nervous system and may worsen the situation.

For the same reason and should be avoided "energy drinks" even those who claim to include factors contributing to the nervous system, including B vitamins, since many contain stimulants that are highly detrimental in people with ongoing stress.


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