Monday, June 13, 2011

Facial Exercises Treatment

As a complement to treatment of face cleansing, toning and hydration is important to exercise the facial muscles to prevent the possible appearance of wrinkles and flaccidness. Facial exercises suitable for this can be done in minutes, anywhere. Here are some of them:

1. While counting to six, eyes open wide, staring intently.

2. They put their lips together, and gesticulating as if about to whistle.

3. Shrinks the nose as if you were sneezing, and expand well cheeks out.

4. Opens his mouth as if about to cry. Closes and rises on one side, forming a contemptuous smile.

5. With fists, slowly ironed forehead, rubbing from the middle up towards the temples.

6. It rubs his chin with the fingertips, from the center to the chin.

Tips for Lips Care

The lips are delicate and sensitive part of our body, which most often do not pay enough attention.

Healthy and attractive lips should be smooth and soft.

To achieve this, nothing better than Vitamin C In combination with Vitamin E.

The skin of the lips also suffers the weather-cold, wind, rain, heat-, reason must be hydrated regularly.

Equally important is to forget the bad habit of stretching the skins dry lips, and that of continuously moistened with the tongue, as it only will get cracked.

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