Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tips To Look Young And Beautiful


The skin is our calling card to the world, so we must seek care, even for a few minutes a day. Here are some tips to achieve this goal and surprised at the results in the mirror.

Tip 1. For starters, talk about the makeup, and if you want you can keep better during the day, before applying directly through the skin pass a piece of ice for several minutes. His appearance will be more fresh and radiant as well as the makeup will be retained for longer.

Tip 2. When the day is over and it's time to cleanse your skin, do not forget that non-Cleansing beauty cream, so you must rinse the skin after application. If you finished the cleansing, soak a cotton ball with whole milk, and wipe his face.

Tip 3. If you want to avoid dryness of skin, discoloration, excessive fat and even pimples, you can do with simple product made by relaxing yourself. Boil half a cup of water and two teaspoons of chamomile, let cool and soak a cotton ball that passes through the face and left to stand for several minutes in her eyes. Save the leftover in a jar that you can carry. Thus, throughout the day, you can repeat the operation as many times as you like.

Tip 4. Too much sun? To soothe the burning caused by sunburn, gently rub the affected area with cucumber slices or juice it. They are also effective raw potato slices or compresses of vinegar.

Tip 5. We all want a perfect smile. You can start whitening your teeth with a pinch of salt mixed with half teaspoon of baking soda, which will use as toothpaste. In addition to strengthening the gums, your teeth will look very white.

Tip 6. If you have a little lemon juice or has been squeezed, rub it against your nails for several minutes. Repeat the action every day, and after a couple of weeks look like lemon is excellent for bleaching and strengthen nails.

Tip 7. You've probably heard of the clay masks for the skin. For properties, this material is excellent for absorbing toxins. What you may not know is that it gives great results in areas where cellulite is present. The procedure is simple: mix a little clay in water, dip it in the area who wants to experiment and let dry. Finally, rinse the area very well and soon assumed the results.

Done! Follow these steps to record and soon discover that there are notable differences in the state of your skin. However, if you notice little difference, you may need to resort to a cosmetologist or dermatologist, they may require in-depth treatment.


  1. Great post! I will definitely use some of your tips, if not all!

    I know that drinking green tea is also an excellent option to keep our skin fresh and beautiful!

    Green tea has a high content of antioxidants and proteins that slow down the oxidation process, thus stopping cell decay and it is a good way to lose weight!

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