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Vaginal Infection Treatment

Occur frequently and, contrary to what most people think, not always acquired through sexual contact, because even girls can have it for lack of hygiene, administration of some drugs and hormonal changes.

Represent one of the leading causes of consultation in gynecology, indicating that most women have had at least once.

Usually are caused by bacteria and fungi, microorganisms that multiply when they find the appropriate physical and environmental conditions, which are generated by poor hygiene, prolonged treatment with antibiotics, use of synthetic fabric underwear, dressing gowns wet bathing for a long time and have unprotected sex with multiple partners.

Its diagnosis and treatment require the assistance of the obstetrician, who will rule if the condition is associated with allergic problems triggered by harsh soaps or gels, using certain pads or detergents used for washing underwear.

Women Problem

Various symptoms betray the presence of an infection in the female reproductive tract. Among the most common are itching, burning, white discharge (like cottage cheese), bad smell and pain during intercourse.

There are also, quite often, cases of cervical infections in girls, a problem associated with poor hygiene and anatomical immaturity. This last factor is that before puberty, girls have small labia minora, vaginal mucous vaginal discharge thin and low, plus it is alkaline pH, conditions that favor the colonization by bacteria.

However, this situation changed a year before the submission of the first period, the effect of estrogen.


To prevent gynecological problems is essential, first, make proper hygiene, which should take place with mild soap, also is recommended:

* Avoid douching, as it upset the balance of microorganisms.
* Do not use soaps, scented tampons and toilet paper, powders or vaginal sprays.
* Reduce the use of tight clothing, pantyhose and underwear small, especially if made from synthetic materials.
* Having sex with a regular partner or use condoms.
* Indoor laundry soap and not be exposed to fabric softeners.
* Regularly go to the gynecologist.

It is important that patients with diabetes and women who suffer from frequent infections, they manage highly effective treatments to ensure that their quality of life diminishes. It is also advisable to limit consumption of sugars to prevent vaginal acidity out of control.

If you feel strange, as previously mentioned, immediately go to the gynecologist to provide treatment. Remember that the success of the latter is always greater if started early in the disease.

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