Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hepatitis Causes And Hepatitis Treatment

Is inflammation of the liver and results in this important organ, the largest of the abdominal cavity malfunction. Its duration may be brief (acute), almost always without squeal, or more than six months (chronic), causing serious problems. It is caused by drug use, impaired immune system (immune), alcohol consumption, substance abuse and infection caused by parasites or microorganisms, being more frequent viral type.


Overall there are four triggers of this disease:

Infection by viruses, bacteria or parasites, it is contracted, roughly, by consumption of contaminated food and water, promiscuous sexual behavior, by sharing needles, razor and toothbrush, and tattoos or piercings done in unhygienic places.

Poisoning from an overdose of drugs, alcohol, and consumption of poisonous plants or pollution.

Autoimmunity, ie, when the defense system cells attack the liver tissues.

Obesity and fat accumulation in the liver.


In most cases, this condition does not make any statement and so many like a flu-like, it only causes fatigue, headache, fever and chills. However, you can also become apparent through the following signs:

Jaundice, or yellowing eyes and skin due to inflammation of the liver that prevents the proper disposal of bilirubin, a substance produced when waste breaks down hemoglobin (iron-containing protein that gives blood its red color).

Weakness, fatigue, slow movements without making physical exertion.

General discomfort, uneasiness, discomfort and inability to concentrate.

Joint pain.

Dark urine (dark urine) and stool or yellow color.

Lack of appetite, because the liver can not produce substances necessary for digestion and assimilation of food.

Vomiting, nausea and dizziness.

Elevation of body temperature (fever).

Presence of generalized itching and red bumps (hives) all over the body.

In those who are regular smokers, snuff consumption may generate disgust.

Accumulation of fluid in abdomen (ascites), primarily when the cause is the immoderate consumption of alcohol.


Avoid eating street food or prepared under dubious hygiene.

Consume boiled water and disinfected.

Wash hands before preparing food and after using the toilet.

Teaching children basic hygiene measures.

If a person wants to get a tattoo or piercing, you should go to places where hygienic and sterile equipment is used.

Do not share instruments that are in direct contact with blood, as a toothbrush or razor.

Do not share needles.

Though not 100% reliable, condom use (condom) provides some protection against HBV.

There are vaccines against hepatitis A and B (the latter also protects against HEV) with a high degree of effectiveness, so its application is highly recommended.

Hepatitis is preventable drug when it prevents drug overdose. Also, when a person who knows that you have a problem in the liver is another malaise, fever, headache or infection, you should consult your doctor to recommend the use of safe drugs for their condition, and not auto re-cease.

The liver from alcohol poisoning is prevented by moderate consumption of beverages with it.

It is very important that people with obesity and weight gain propensity to be aware that they should moderate their eating habits and exercising regularly.

It is possible to prevent autoimmune hepatitis, but early detection improves treatment.

Early diagnosis of chronic hepatitis allows for an effective therapy to halt the extent possible disease progression to fibrosis, cirrhosis or cancer.

Consult your doctor !

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