Sunday, June 26, 2011

Reduce Stress Problem

We need a certain amount of stress to deal with dangerous situations and adapt to changes. However, that state may become a mortal enemy when it persists and impairs health, especially in people with chronic diseases.

In general, reaction of the body is all inherited to adapt to environmental demands. How many times have we had extraordinary strength, jumped great obstacles or maneuvering amazing, sure a lot. In these cases it is a manifestation of stress positively because it allowed us to overcome any adverse event.

Everyone responds differently to stimuli, but what makes the difference is how we measure. To do this we must ask 'How risky is what I'm facing?' And 'How I can fix it?' Negative stress or distress occurs when we respond to a situation that is delicate and do not have the tools to resolve, resulting in anxiety, distress, pain and insomnia.

To illness

If we transfer this to the reality of people with diabetes (high blood sugar levels) and hypertension (high blood pressure), we see that many believe the disease they suffer is dangerous. And it will add difficulties to change their eating habits, exercise, self-assessment testing, and taking medication and attend frequent medical consultation.

Patients experience these changes in different ways. Significant percentage are extremely concerned, very strict perceive changes in their lifestyle and are considered low ability to handle the situation. In addition, they often feel anxious about work, family finances and their children.

Another sector believes that his condition is not dangerous and is assessed as unimportant, not get stressed, but do not follow your treatment properly and it is risky to your health. And a third group consists of individuals who are in the middle, who perceive that their condition is important and begin to acquire the tools to keep it under control, the stress is minimal and helps them cope with the disease.

What else is affected?

Stress not only causes havoc at the physiological level, when high and negative (distress) has the following effects:

Behavior. There is kind of blockade and solve difficult problems and to comply with daily activities.

Affective. Anxiety prevails, although it may occur fear of disease and / or angry with life.

Somatic. You experience pain in different parts of the body and often repeated episodes of flu or other infections.

Interpersonal. With no support from their loved ones, the patient is isolated and has continuing problems within families.

Cognitive. Dominate catastrophic thoughts about the disease and what his life is unfortunate.

Give back

Without doubt, the management and stress management, coupled with healthy eating and exercise, can help lower blood glucose levels and blood pressure. The importance of changes in lifestyle and in this sense, the work of doctors and teachers is crucial because it allows the patient to acquire the tools to tackle the problem.

It is very important that the family also changed their activities and habits, thus, decrease risk factors and the patient will be in better condition.


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